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Church history, Bible commentaries

If you cannot find what you want on this list use the drop down index on the Home Page or check out the growing list directly on the Order Form with links to the product pages. Alternatively Email or call us on 0870 766 3699. Biblical software is also available for PDA'a (Handheld's, and PocketPC's etc)

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Calvin | Gill | Master Christian Library | Pink | Reformation History Library | Spurgeon | Ultimate Christian Library

Ages Arthur Pink Collection Ages Arthur Pink Collection, £19.95 RRP £24.95 details | buy

Familiar with the whole range of revelation, Mr. Pink was rarely sidetracked from the great themes of Scripture: grace, justification, and sanctification. Our generation owes him a great debt for the enduring light he has shed, by God's grace, on the Truth of the Holy Bible.
The C H Spurgeon Collection Ages The C H Spurgeon Collection, £25 RRP £39 details | buy

On this CD there are over 3550 sermons from one of the most gifted speakers and blessed Christina leaders of our era. In addition to this overwhelming collection of sermins are over 70 of Charles Spurgeon's books, lectures, and other publications.
Ages Whole Bible Classic Sermon Collection Ages Whole Bible Classic Sermon Collection , £19.95 RRP £24.95 details | buy

Over 4000 sermons are included on this incredible resource, on virtually every Biblical and theological subject. Features the 32 volume An Exposition of the Scriptures by Alexander Maclaren, together with sermon illustrations from other classic Bible expositors such as Augustine, Chryostom, Calvin, Spurgeon, Owen, Pink, Moody and Wesley.
Ages The Expositor's Bible Ages The Expositor's Bible, £19.95 RRP £24.95 details | buy

The Expositorís Bible is one of the recognized standards of expository commentaries. It was written by twenty-nine eminent scholars who were also preachers. These writers also represent every important branch of Protestantism.
John Calvin Collection Ages John Calvin Collection, £25 RRP £39 details | buy

The ultimate collection of John Calvin's commentaries and sermons! Includes information about John Calvin and his life.
John Gill Collection Ages Collected Writings of John Gill 2.0, £25 RRP £39 details | buy

The ultimate collection of John Gill's commentaries and life! Gill was called to pastor the Strict Baptist Church in 1720 for 51 years which eventually evolved into the Metropolitan Tabernacle to be pastored by Charles Spurgeon for over 35 years. Gill wrote a 10 millino word commentary embracing wide knowledge of Jewish background and literature.
Ages Works of John Owen Ages Works of John Owen, £19.95 RRP £24.95 details | buy

The Works of John Owen is a 16 volume set of John Owen's writings plus the 7 volume commentary on Hebrews, first published 1850-1853. This set includes his sermons and doctrines on topics such as Justification, Baptism, The Holy Trinity, Sin and Grace.
Master Christian Library Ages Master Christian Library, from £59 details | buy

A scholar, student and enquiring believer's ultimate resource. Over 500 historical Christian works on 2 CD ROMs. Search through centuries of Christian writnig and cut and paste into your wordprocessor; search through any or all of the books simultaneuously!
Master Christian Library Ages Master Christian Library, from £39 details | buy

A perfect starter library for every budding scholar, student and enquiring believer. Over 330 historical Christian works on CD ROM. Search through centuries of Christian writnig and cut and paste into your wordprocessor; search through any or all of the books simultaneuously!
Ages McClintock and Strong Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature Ages McClintock & Strong Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological & Ecclesiastical Literature, £19.95 RRP £24.95 details | buy

This valuable resource which cannot be purchased new, is rarely found, and can range in price from $600 to $1200 for complete used sets. Over 31,000 articles are contained in this mammoth collection of Christian knowledge and history.
Ages Reformation History Library Ages Reformation History Library 2, £79 details | buy

The Reformation History Library is the most exhaustive collection of books written about this critical time in not only the history of Christianity but in the history of the world.
Ages Rembrandt's Bible Ages Rembrandt's Bible, £19.95 RRP £24.95 details | buy

Rembrandt's Bible is the Complete King James Bible with over 200 illustrations and etchings by Rembrandt. 204 Illustrations of all Rembrandt's biblical prints. 38 illustrations of works that Rembrandt used as sources for his prints.
Ages Ultimate Christian Library Ages Ultimate Christian Library, £129 details | buy

A collection of over 1000 books on DVD including the complete software collections: Master Christian Library, Reformation History Library, C.H. Spurgeon Collection, Complete John Calvin Collection, Arthur Pink Collection, John Owen Collection, John Gill Collection.


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